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blissfully unaware

Had the opportunity to shoot a play rehearsal for the Long Island Classics Stage Company.  Amazing to see how involved all these extraordinary little human beings were in their work. Completely unaware of what's around them yet completely aware of what they are doing.

Photography tags: portraits, events, kids


light for decor

Interior and exhibit shots of the Kandinsky exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum in Wisconsin. The architecture of the extraordinary building made for an incredible exhibit of light itself. 

Photography tags: interiors, architecture, exhibits


in the air

Brilliant show of colors by the US Navy Blue Angels at Jones Beach State Park, New York. It was magnificent capturing the daring stunts the military branch presented in the airspace above and off the Beach's coast.

Photography tags: events, action, sports


nature's color palette

A series of photos capturing the vast color palette found in nature. From golden yellows to astounding pinks and greens—and sometimes a beautiful blend of in-between.

Photography tags: landscapes, outdoors, atmosphere



A number of shots taken for varying clients.
Admirable skills for dance and balance on display in each. 

Photography tags: advertising, fashion, movement