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The word Rungg means 'color' in Urdu, Pakistan's national language.

Showcasing a country’s best — Rungg


A nation is known by it's people, it's places, it's culture and heritage. Pakistan is special in each one of those aspects. It is colorful and joyous. It's celebrations are most elaborate and it's people most hospitable. It is full of traditional value and culture. It is rich with history and an inspirational past. All of this has been forever preserved in the beautiful art and various forms of design by it's artists.



Jack Harris
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Exchange of ideas, talent and inspiration from Pakistan to the rest of the world, starting with New York, USA.



Rungg’s key purpose is to connect artists and designers from Pakistan with the community of American artists and designers through the development of a website featuring their work, biographies and process. Rungg is the first of its kind, in terms of its concept and intent. It is meant to be a bridge connecting two different sides of the world through one language they both understand and is common between them – art and design.



Born out of the need to make Pakistan and it’s creative talent stand out and to achieve that Rungg had to be different from the very start. To begin with, no other resource exists which has a dedicated intent like Rungg to collect creative work from Pakistan and information about the creators. There are no updated resources readily available to viewers outside of Pakistan which encompass the tremendous amount of talent that the country has to offer and what little information exists in the form of books and web material, is outdated and inadequate to educate the audience on art from the country



Since the scope of Rungg is very broad, the audience is divided into three main groups of creatives depending on their creative profession and level of experience in their field. Those main categories include fine artists, designers and students interested in creative topics.


Some scattered information about different aspects of Pakistani art exists on the following sites: Art & Culture sector of the government, Vasl, and



Rungg's position as an online showcase of Pakistan’s art and design is strong amongst what little competition it has. The idea behind Rungg is unprecedented and remains unparalleled due to a number of reasons. Firstly, there is no current resource, online or in print which is dedicated to feature Pakistan’s culture and heritage, through art. All information existing is scattered throughout the internet in bits and pieces of outdated information. What little exists does not function as a contemporary or user-friendly design. Most of all, none of them have the focus of bringing the art of Pakistan to a western audience, which is by far the biggest reason why Rungg stands tall amongst it’s competition.


Brainstorm for the perfect name to represent this unique concept. Free association of words and research.



The name 'Rungg' originated from the quest to represent the essence of Pakistan in one word. The country is filled with culture and tradition and a variety of components which are true to it's core values as a nation. It is quite impossible to capture the spirit of it's everyday festivities and joyous on-goings in a few paragraphs let alone a single word! Nonetheless, some key characteristics of Pakistan include its dress, colors, people, art, food, monuments, literature, museums and music. While all these represent unique things about the country, they all have one thing in common - their unmistakably colorful nature. With that keen observation in mind, the name Rungg came into place, as their is no denying the fact that everything related to Pakistan's culture is full of color.


Rungg means color and it was only fitting to base it's branding on a broad palette of beautiful, bright colors. Since Rungg represents art and design, it's image as a brand also needs to look like art and convey creativity. Rungg's brand attributes include being creative, inspirational and connected. Therefore, all use of colors, concepts and imagery were created to reflect those attributes.


Inspirational, creative and connected–brand attributes of Rungg.

Colors of Rungg–A perfect palette of bright colors representing the brand.

Colors of Rungg–A perfect palette of bright colors representing the brand.



The colors used for Rungg are selected from a bright color palette to compliment the name and essence of the brand. A broad range from lights to darks can be found in the fine main colors chosen to represent the brand and it's components. As with any feasible color palette, a range of neutral grays was also chosen to used to bring consistency throughout the brand.


Typeface choices–Two faces which work well together for headings and body text.



The typefaces chosen for Rungg were picked for their simplicity and contemporary feel. Both choices portray the information in a sophisticated fashion, while creating a refined image for Rungg as an educational resource. Quicksand by Andrew Paglinawan is a display sans serif. Chosen for it's sleek yet organic, geometric form, this typeface is used for part of the logo as well as headings throughout the website and print material. A variety of weights within the font is also used for variation in style or emphasis as needed. Secondly, Proxima Nova is used as the typeface for all body text, printed and online. Created by Mark Simonson, this sans serif is a hybrid containing geometric forms with a modern appearance, a wonderful choice for any amount of body text, lengthy or short and on paper and/or screen. Also, the wide variety of weights and styles within the family of this typeface allows for various uses in design.


Different variations of the logo to fully experiment with options.

Different variations of the logo used throughout branding and the website.



Rungg's logo underwent the process of exploration and detailed development before the final logo took shape. The form of the logo needed to portray an artistic quality which could only have been achieved by a hand-written logo for the Urdu part. Hand writing that part of it allowed it to take an organic form which represented various aspects of Pakistan's culture such as calligraphy. The English counterpart to the word Rungg needed to be of similar quality, organic and simple, sophisticated and artistic. Therefore, the use of a sans serif with alphabets of round forms and shapes was chosen to compliment the hand written Urdu.


The final logo is executed with the written Urdu accompanied by the English pronunciation of the word underneath. The upper part of the logo is used in the five colors of the color palette and can be used alternatively throughout branding whereas the bottom part colored in gray remains consistent regardless of any color change.



Digital wireframes of the website, creating a structure for each page. 
See final results here.



The written book for Rungg encompassing the entirety of the project. From research, idea formations and objectives of the project to the visual, marketing and target audience strategies, this book covers all the details that went into making Rungg.



It was a moment of pride to be able to bring Rungg to the public here in New York. One of the exhibits that Rungg was part of included introducing art from Pakistan to the art and design community, answering questions about why this resource was created and what it looks like. There were works of Pakistani artists exhibited at each event and the positive feedback from the creative community was


Rungg stands out amongst it’s audience for being detail oriented, offering a beautiful, user-friendly design to view information in and presents up-to-date information on all featured art and artists of Pakistan. Rungg also makes use of strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) through marketable keywords, high social media engagement and access to unique content which is not found anywhere else in terms of quality and quantity.