Pink Waves / by Kinza Kasher

This week's assignment was definitely challenging for me. I was surprised when I found myself doing good in putting the sensors and the Arduino sketch together, running, verifying and uploading code to it. However, I found myself a little stuck on how to translate and connect the information being taken in by the sensors and creating visually compelling results on screen.

However, after going through multiple readings and tutorials, I decided to take simple code and combine information coming in from a potentiometer into visualizing pink waves on screen. My schematic to put together the potentiometer to the Arduino and breadboard looked like the following: 

Schematic made with Fritzing.

Schematic made with Fritzing.

Following the setup, I downloaded the p5 SerialControl monitor which allowed me to monitor the values coming in as I turned the potentiometer knob. 

p5 SerialControl Monitor

I updated the sketch for p5 to reflect the values being picked up by the potentiometer and in the following the form of a graph, I turned the potentiometer in a way to create pink waves on screen.

Pink Waves