Flower Pin Wheel / by Kinza Kasher

For my experimentation with different kinds of motors for this week's learning and project, I explored different tutorials with a Toy Motor, Mini Servo and DC motor. All of them had different forms and ways of operating. It was also very fun pairing them up with sensors such as the FSR and the potentiometer (knobs) to see their effect on the running of the motors. 

The toy motor seemed the most interesting to me in it's ability to move very fast and in a continuous rapid motion. I imagined it to be like the machinery behind a wheel or a windmill. I wanted to then adapt a pinwheel to the circuit made with the toy motor to see what happens. 

Initially, the pinwheel I had found at first turned out to be way too big for the motor to handle, therefore it was not being moved at all. I then proceeded to make a flower pinwheel out of lighter construction paper as well as made it thinner, so that the toy motor could hold it firmly. That worked!

The results are below: 


Flower Pinwheel

Some of the other tutorials I tried with the mini servo as well as a potentiometer and an FSR:

Force sensitive resistor and servo motor.

Potentiometer and servo motor.

Toy motor