The Fish Keeper - In Action / by Kinza Kasher

After connecting all the pieces, the front-end visualization of the p5 sketch, the serial data in Terminal, the meteor app for a live data stream as well as connecting the physical components (sensors) to the Aquarium, I gave the Fish Keeper a try! 

Here is a video of the Fish Keeper in action! 

In our in-class discussions, it was brought up that having a key for all the color changes on screen would be a good feature to have for reference. I added a key dashboard to the left of the screen which indicated what different colors meant. I also added text labels across the screen to indicate what the readings across the different sensors were. 

Overall, I believe with the addition of a few more components, such as an automatic fish-feeder and an ammonia checker, the Fish Keeper can be a well-rounded tool for automatic aquarium keeping. The next version can also include remote control of the Fish Keeper which will include abilities to turn the lights on and off automatically and remotely, top-off water when the water level is reading below a certain point, addition of PH buffer to offset bad PH levels and more.