The heart of the Tin-Man / by Kinza Kasher

For my next Physical Computing project, I decided to light up Tin-man’s heart using a potentiometer in the circuit, which allows for the use and manipulation of analog inputs on the Arduino. Starting with connecting the potentiometer to the 5-volt pin, the Analog 0 pin and the ground-pin on the Arduino, I proceeded to solder the negative (cathode) lead of a red LED to a 220 ohm resistor. I also soldered two pieces of speaker wire to both leads to extend the reach of the LED all the way to the Tin-Man’s heart.


Connecting the LED to the Arduino via pins 13 and Ground, I then prepared to upload Analog Input to the Arduino. Once compiled, the code was uploaded to the Arduino, making the red LED inside the Tin-Man’s heart to light up and blink.